Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Image result for rose through concreteHope is something that keeps people going whether it's a situation you feel is so terrible but then you feel like maybe something could take a turn for the best. It's like optimism in the way that you are wishing for a positive outcome. Its having a little bit of confidence that is needed to keep going through the situation or circumstance at hand. Hope comes from within, it takes willpower and determination to have. its having a little faith when all odds are stacked against you at that time. It comes from who you are and if you give up fast or not. Weather you still believe in yourself when everyone does not. It will take hope that will take you past a difficult situation. I believe hope is used the most when you're in need of something whether it's getting out of a difficult situation in life, wanting something, or getting through something. Praying is the most common way of showing hope and this is done everywhere around the world. Whether you're religious or not hope is something you should have because it keeps you going. People that never give up have a few things in common and one of those main characteristics is hope, because while others might think something's impossible or crazy, these people will need to have hope and faith that they will be able to accomplish whatever the task is they are trying to achieve.Hope is the greatest thing because it can take pressure of you to do something because you believe someone or something will help you along the way. Overall hope is a beautiful thing to have in life and something that will forever be needed to help you in life.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

In the short story "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" it talks about how perfect life is in this place, how everything is perfect and based of happiness. Everyone that lives there is happy and joyful all the time. But there is one flaw in the society, a little boy in a basement/ cell like room where he is fed only a bowl of cornmeal so he is starving to death, he has no clothes so hes naked, and also he has to live in his own waste. it is terrible living conditions and everyone in Omelas knows about this boy that lives in the cage.He is also shown off to anyone that wishes to see him.People also are not allowed to talk to him and he himself cant really talk. He is there to show the citizens of Omelas that how precious and important happiness is and not take it for granted. Also shows how ruthless justice can be.People didn't want to rescue the boy because they were afraid it would end the happiness in Omelas. Some people in Omelas didn't like what they saw with the little boy and left and never came back. This is like our society and homeless people in many ways. When they see a homeless person on the street most people didn't want to them or even look at them and just like everyone is living a comfortable and happy life they are living in misery trying to find their next meal. The boy in Omelas is similar in our society to a homeless person from living situation, food wise, and people not really talking to them.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Social Injustice

Image result for social injusticeIt is important to value social justice, because if you don't value  there will be unfairness among groups in society. We live in a country that claims life,liberty, and pursuit of happiness. However, this is not the reality in America today. For example, women make much less then  men make in some fields such as ones that require more labor and hard work. Also, prisons are heavily populated with minority groups in jail. This issue is connects a lot to me because I grew up in a diverse community of people that are from different minority groups.And i get to see first had how they are treated differently because they are minorities . This concerns me because I notice that a lot of older people in my community end up in jail. This may be due to a criminal justice system that is corrupt or the fact that jobs are not as available to minorities in areas with low income. These are just a two of many examples of why it is important to value social justice. In order to solve this problem, we  must first recognize and be honest because there is a problem in society and certain areas. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize or just turn the other way when this issue comes forward because people don't like to know what is happening is wrong so they figure if they don't pay attention to the problem everything will be okay.Just like a leak, many people just think its a few drops but after some time of just drops it will become a pool of water.
         In the ted talk " A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system" by Adam Foss he explains how people can help not judge others based on their upbringings/ surroundings. Foss discussed that teenagers have a high percentage of committing a crime, and getting away with it. Foss talks about how the teenager does not really have a voice to speak up for them either. He also talks about how another huge factor that comes into play is the race card. Judges are more likely to have a different outcome on the situation or a different though process if the person on trial is either black,brown, or white. Also how kids who live in poverty are more likely to commit a crime such as stealing or burglary. This is very unfortunate because it takes away from their education and what they can become in the future.In these poverty areas education is bad because students don't have the interest to learn, good teachers go to good schools to teach, and many kids feel its a waste of time. This social injustice of racial profiling and education has gone on forever and many have not payed attention to it because this truth is alarming and terrible. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

How to buy happiness

Image result for money happinessIn this TED talk "how to buy happiness" by Michael Norton, he explains that rather then believing that money cant buy happiness, he believes that it can. He claims that money can buy happiness if you spend it on the right things. For example he claims people who spend money on themselves aren't as happy because its self pleasure but buying something for someone else is very beneficial and not only helps them but helps you become more happy.He did an experiment with people in college to two groups of people, one got money to spend on themselves and the other to spend on someone else.The group that spent money on themselves didn't gain happiness but instead were nutrel but the people that spent it on others were significantly happier and successful.  Seeing others happy knowing you caused that happiness will make you feel good as well because you did something that benefited someone else. This is a surprising truth because most people believe that money cant buy happiness but if you spend it the right way you will gain happiness. This is a great way of viewing it because its true. For example when i go to the store with a friend or family member and i buy them something it makes me feel good that I got them something they might have needed or wanted. this brings happiness not only to them but me as well.Overall money can buy happiness if the things you buy are not for you but for others, and this will bring you happiness and joy.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

   Gilbert in his TED talk  "The surprising Science of Happiness" talks about  synthetic happiness and natural/real happiness.He claims that synthetic happiness is the same as real happiness if not better because you can create your own happiness at any time. He explains this is also due to the fact that our brains have something called a pre-frontal cortex which allows people to create scenarios and experiences before they actually happen. Gilbert backs his claim by talking about studies done with paintings at a university. They showed that people got a painting that wasn't there favorite one were not really happy with it but after a while they became in love with it and started to lie it and this is was due to them creating a synthetic happiness.

   This is very shocking and eye opening because we simulate happiness all the time without thinking about it. for example when we think about food when we are hungry , the taste, the smell , and the feel makes people joyful and happy because there hungry. Also when we think about going on a trip somewhere people get happy just thinking about how great it's going to be. synthetic happiness is in my opinion the same because its happiness, synthetic or real its happiness. They both put a smile on your face and that's all that matters.This shows that putting yourself in a "happy place" will make you feel better or picturing something/someone that brings you happiness will make you happy without them being there at the moment.Overall there isn't that much of a difference between real and synthetic happiness, in fact synthetic happiness might even be better.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Image result for happinessHappiness is an emotion that involves joy and positivity. its  being happy and that's the best feeling in the world. Its the most important thing in life, what everyone looks for. doing things that make you happy are the best because you only associate them with positive joyful things.Things that make me happy and bring me joy are many things from bonding with family and friends, playing sports, and surprisingly going to school. Things that make me happy are things i want to do everyday because i can enjoy what I'm doing. Like a job should  be doing something  you enjoy, love ,and brings you happiness.If it doesn't do that you will be miserable and you will never enjoy. Its something that you look forward to and puts a smile on your face whenever you think about it. finding happiness is not that hard just find something you enjoy doing and puts a smile on your face and that's it. its not complex or anything just something that brings you happiness.Once you find that don't let go of it because that's your outlet for when you want to be happy. for example whenever your irritated, you just go do that thing you love doing and you will forget all about what your irritated and mad about. Some people might have a hard time because there negative people with a bad mindset.Overall happiness is something you shouldn't rush to find because it will come naturally and once you find it, it will be the best thing because then you will find joy in life.